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  • Profiles are for SAS/M members in good standing only.
  • These are profiles -- not personal ads. This is not the place for one line "Wannaf--k" ads. (e.g. "Well hung Dominate looking for horney submissive.")
  • Use the following template:
    • Name
    • Location (Please do not be as specific as your exact address. "NW San Antonio" and "San Marcos" are acceptable.
    • Status (i.e. how do you identify? e.g. male sub, female dominant, transgendered switch, lesbian bottom, kinky human, or "that's for me to know and you to find out.")
    • BDSM Experience
    • ISO (i.e. "I'm looking for play partners and I'm open to a monogamous long term relationship with the right woman.")
    • Physical Description
    • Interests
    • Chat Arenas (e.g. AOL IM, Yahoo IM, IRC) (optional)
    • Online Nicks (e.g. Ambrosio, ambrosio_sa (Yahoo! Nick)) (optional)
    • Personal Quote (e.g. "No one heals himself by wounding another." ~~ Saint Ambrose)
    • e-Mail (optional)
    • Narrative
    • Link 1 (e.g. home page, MySpace profile, CollarMe.com profile) (optional)
    • Link 2 (e.g. home page, MySpace profile, CollarMe.com profile) (optional)
    • Link 3 (e.g. home page, MySpace profile, CollarMe.com profile) (optional)

  • Profiles are posted at the discretion of the SAS/M Board of Perverts. We will not post obscenities, references to bestiality, or pictures of genitals. Some editing might be necessary.
  • Tasteful photos are allowed as long as they are accurate and don't require too much server space. Please no genital shots or anthing explicit.


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